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  • Question: Which one (if any) are you more inclined to side with? (Give reasons)
  • Israel - 50 (30.5%)
  • Palestine - 114 (69.5%)
  • Total Voters: 163

 Topic: Pro Israel or Pro Palestine?

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  • Pro Israel or Pro Palestine?
     Reply #1140 - May 07, 2024, 08:01 AM

    I expect most american students are as deranged as british asians when it comes to the issue of palestine and israel.

    The US has a far larger purchase over Israel than the UK. Seems to me that UK protestors (Asian/Muslim or not) are doing little more than virtue signal. For example thinking that the leader of the British opposition is complicit in genocide. The UK could stop all trade and arms exports to Israel, I doubt it would make much difference in their actions.

    It makes far more sense to me that Americans would be interested in Israel.
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