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 Topic: Anti-imperialism and the left

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  • Anti-imperialism and the left
     OP - November 17, 2019, 02:40 PM

    Podcast discussing the problems with the approach of a large part of the left to anti-imperialism and how this plays out with the rise of social media.
    In September, Ahmed spoke to Joey Ayoub, Lebanese writer and researcher, about tankies, genocide denial, red-brown alliances and the uncomfortable affinity between large parts of the political left and authoritarianism.

  • Anti-imperialism and the left
     Reply #1 - December 05, 2019, 09:00 PM

    I am seeing the distribution of a disturbing Tankie letter, essentially against #IranProtests (with a lot of 'anti-imperialist' phraseology of course) signed by a lot of big names in academia.

    Let them write their letters. The Iranian people will not forget or forgive.

    so much of academia has become a self-perpetuating network of narcissists who couldn't be bothered with how other states work and how other states repress people. It's not difficult to oppose the sanctions without throwing actual protesters under the bus. It really isn't.

  • Anti-imperialism and the left
     Reply #2 - December 08, 2019, 12:00 AM
    This text is signed by some highly respected figures but deafeningly silent on 100s of protesters killed by #IRI. Is recognising that anti-imperialism & opposition to #Iran's neo-fascist theocracy aren't mutually exclusive so difficult?

    It is such declarations and stances pronounced by leftists that have brought the left to political disrepute for large sections of non-Western subaltern classes and intellectuals. Radical politics is not reducible to abstract anti-imperialism

    It's the abandoning, or even implicitly opposing, Iranian protesters by forces that ought to be their natural allies that is likely to make them susceptible to imperialist plots.

    It's high time the left articulated a genuine, radical internationalism that's not beholden to the Cold War era binary politics which is partially, if not largely, responsible for the current disastrous situation in Middle East and the global south more generally.

  • Anti-imperialism and the left
     Reply #3 - December 08, 2019, 07:43 PM

    Mina Khanlarzadeh - anti-imperialism as an intellectual trap
    The petition pretends to know what Iranian people want: “The majority of the Iranian people do not seek regime change because they have already lived through two monumental events that destabilized their lives […]  Iranians seek economic and political stability, […]. We stand by them and their calls for domestic reform [….]” The petition claims Iranians want stability, but who are these Iranians who want stability? It’s certainly not the protesters who shouted for the fall of the dictator (Ayatollah Khamenei) in the streets and actually destabilized the country by forcing the government to use maximum force to silence them and to the surprise of the petitioners, kill more than 200 of them. The violent politics of stability has, in fact, been employed by the government to silence any cry for transformation towards improvement.

    The petitioners must explain how they arrived at the demand for stability from the images and videos coming out of Iran, and on what basis can they represent the needs and demands of the protesters if it is not based on the stories told by protesters themselves in their actions and words. Can Iranians want anything other than stability? The petition does not even attempt to understand what has happened in Iran. Instead, it puts words into the mouth of Iranians, and dictates them their desires; it is infantilizing and even civilizing. But how do the petitioners know better than those putting their lives on the line, daring to think, speak and act in ways that challenges the status quo?

  • Anti-imperialism and the left
     Reply #4 - December 10, 2019, 05:41 PM
    The ill-thought-out 'Letter Against US Imperialism' seems to have been withdrawn and is no longer available, which is good news.
    Since the last time I checked, it looks like that incredibly bad open letter, signed by a mixture of some horrible people and some who I was really surprised to see on there, may have been withdrawn. If that's the case, then this is a good development.
    Also, particularly awesome when you realize she (Davis) and some others withdrew after receiving emails from Iranian leftist activists.
    I contacted one of the signatories who defended signing it, but not too confidently I found. Others contacted others who progressively started removing their names.

    I have a strong feeling a lot of the signatories didn't fully read the text.

    The text of the letter can still be read here.
  • Anti-imperialism and the left
     Reply #5 - December 10, 2019, 06:20 PM

    May be some Iranian  old communist  guy of 1980s read what happened to communists in Iran after that    Khomeini revolution.

    Do not let silence become your legacy.. Question everything   
    I renounced my faith to become a kafir, 
    the beloved betrayed me and turned in to  a Muslim
  • Anti-imperialism and the left
     Reply #6 - January 11, 2020, 09:54 AM

    Iran brings down an airliner, what the anti-imperialists had to say:
  • Anti-imperialism and the left
     Reply #7 - January 11, 2020, 10:19 AM

    @IlhanMN sharing that defamatory article against @AlinejadMasih reminds me of the left’s failure to stand with those who are truly marginalized...

  • Anti-imperialism and the left
     Reply #8 - January 22, 2020, 05:02 PM

    May be some Iranian old communist guy of 1980s read what happened to communists in Iran after that Khomeini revolution.

    Some new revelations on this:

    How Britain helped Iran’s Islamic regime destroy the left-wing opposition
    Britain supported Iran’s new Islamic regime in crushing the last remaining opposition to its rule in 1983 while the UK’s leading official in the country joked about Iran’s torture techniques, declassified files reveal.

    The UK’s secret intelligence service, MI6, worked with the CIA to provide a list of alleged Soviet agents in Iran to Ayatollah Khomeini’s theocratic regime, which took power after the overthrow of the UK-backed Shah in 1979. The information was used by the regime to execute leading members of the Iranian communist party, the Tudeh.

    The British files also highlight how at least one Foreign Office official considered how the UK might benefit from the forced confessions given by Tudeh members at the time, which were believed to be extracted under torture.

    The files suggest British policy was motivated by the desire to curry favour with Iran’s new rulers, rather than concerns over Cold War geopolitics or Soviet influence in Iran, which was recognised to be minimal.

    The list of Iranians allegedly working for the Soviet Union in Iran was provided to Britain by Vladimir Kuzichkin, a major in the KGB who defected to the UK in June 1982, as reported by the New York Times and London Times in 1986. The information gleaned by MI6 from Kuzichkin – who was responsible for maintaining contacts with the Tudeh party, the main leftist organisation in Iran established in the 1940s – was also shared with the CIA, and passed on to Tehran.

    The Iranian regime proceeded to round up over 1,000 members of the Tudeh party and eventually executed as many as 200. The party was banned and forced underground.

    Britain’s senior official in Iran at that time, Nicholas Barrington, states in his memoir that Kuzichkin’s information simply “found its way” to the Iranian authorities after the Russian’s defection, without specifying the British role.

    Files from the time – when Barrington was head of the British Interests Section in Tehran since Iran and the UK had cut full diplomatic relations – suggest that British officials supported Iran’s repression of the Tudeh.

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